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What Our Guests Have Said - Part Two

Two E-Mails from a German business student

First of all many thanks for the enjoyably stay.

It was a pleasure to be with you.

Iīm really looking forward to seeing you again.

But now is the time to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Germany.

Hope both of you are fine..

I had a pleasant week with you in December 2003 and would like to know if you could offer the same superb service in October again?

This time my course at UEL starts on Friday 15 OCT and ends on Sunday 17 OCT.

So I would like to stay 4 nights from Thursday 14 OCT to Monday 18 OCT.

Is it possible?

Please let me know if you can offer accommodation for this period.

Looking forward to your answer.

From a Japanese language student

Dear My English family

Hello.I arrived back safely.I'd like to thank you again for all your kindness during my stay in London.I had a really great time and I'll never forget.

Merry christmas.Have a nice day. Bye.

From an Italian language student

I write to you to give you my best wishes for the new year.

I hope you will have a good time with your guests.

I'd like returning to London, but I don't know when this will be possible.

I hope you've had a happy Christmast. I've enjoyed.

Now here it's raining even if I would prefer a snowing New Year's Day.


my best wishes

with love

2 E-Mails from a Japanese language student:

Hello!!! I was late to send a e-mail ,because I had to write 2 reports as homework. Sorry.

I've missed you , your dinner and London very much for this week.

On the last day, The driver came earlier than I thought, so I couldn't thank you. But I realy realy appreciate your kindness and > >hospitality.

And I wanted to take photos with you but I couldn't, so if you have some photos took by a desital camera, please send with mail.

By the way, many souvenirs pleased my mom. She wanted meet you very much, so someday you should come and stay with us. We have a special room for you on ground floor.

Tomorrow, I'm going to Bali with my friends. I'll enjoy there. Now I should pack my suitcase, so see you! I'll send again. BYE!!> >

your daugther

Thank you for your photo.

I 've just finished my term examination yesterday. And I was also going to send my photo of me wearing KIMONO. Last month we new 20 year-old people attended the ceremony.

From today I start a part time job, again. I will save my money and want to go back to London.

From a Norwegian tourist

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely stay at your house.

Audun was sad to return home, but is off to school now.

I hope we will have the chance to stay with you on another occasion also.

From the mother of a Japanese language student

Many thanks for your letter. I have just recieved it today.

Toshiko enjoyed homestay in London with you very much.

We are pleased to tell you that Toshiko telephoned us as soos as she arrived at Channel Islands.

Thanks to you, our daughter's stay in London was a most valuable experience.

Sincerely yours,

From a Japanese language student and her parents

Sonoko safely arrived at Narita Airport Tokyo last night about 9 o'clock, with a lot of good memories and presents.

Thank you very much for your kind looking after Sonoko in these 4 weeks.

She told us about your heartful family, meals, rooms, the language school, friends, travels, shopping, church and many things she had experienced in London.

We thank you for your kindness again, and also thank everybody who had friendly contacted with Sonoko.

Best regars,

hello. how are you? I'm very fine, thank you. it is quit hot in Japan.

I arrived at Narita at 9 o'clock on 8th. the taxi I took was good and I reached the airport about 6:30.

now I miss you and your meal and London very much. I wish to go to London again. and before that, I want to learn more English.

thank you for your kindness. I'm happy to stay with you.


From a Japanese language student

Hello.. Do you remember me? I stayed in your home this February 15 ~ March 6. Iím sorry I havenít written for such a long time.

I couldnít internet because Iím not familiar with computer. After all, my sister did it for me a week ago. How are you and Rashida?

Iím fine. I became 20 this October. I appreciate your kindness for me in your house very much. By the grace of you, my London life is a grate experience.

Is this English is right? I'm afraid of not good at writing. Iím writing this with my English dictionary. Please send me answer. If you donít mind, please tell me your homepage address.

From a Japanese Language student

A Happy new year !! I'm Yohei. I'm spending a nice time with my family. I appreciate your concern. It was my first time to go to London, but I could a great time. I wish you have a great new year.

From a Finnish film academy student


How are you? I've been very busy with my projects. I'm now working in Nokia and I'm also going to make documentary film about hibernating humans.

I'm trying to put my film to Cannes festival. Everything is fine in Finland and it's quite warm in here.

Best Regards

From a Belgian language student

How are you? I'm very fine.

3 months ago I have find one good job in Luxembourg. I'm verry happy, but my boss want I speack german,I don't like this language.

I prefer comeback in london and not go 10 weeks in Berlin. This job is a good job but a take one hour and 15min to go in Luxembourg.

I pass the verry long day outside of my house (I wake up at 6.00 am and I come back in my home at 7.00pm...is too much).

Honestely I miss you, your house, your cooking and your English... I thinks, I will come back in London just for one Week-end and if I come, I will go to greet you absolutely.

I'm pleasuring to meet you! Take care of yourself.

Hello at your son

From an Italian language student

How are you?I'm littele tired because yesterday evenig, I got out with my frineds and I went back leter.

My flight all good yesterday, and my family are very happy to see me.

I told my mam, you are a good cook and your home is very big and clean, and in my bedroom there was a tv and big write table.

In Italy raining..I wish the sun! I hope in this letter there are not a lot of error... Bye bye

From a French language student


I'm home!

the 35 kilos suitcase was nice to carry in the underground...

I really enjoy my stay in london and if I come back, I'll meet you... no problem!

Nice weather in france!

have a good day

i miss you!

see you later

From a Japanese language student

Hi! Do you remember me? Thank you for my staying there from 6th September to12th. I had a wonderful experience during my stay there. I had a good memory.

After that , how are you and Adfo who stayed with me? Iím busy for my work now.(Ten days ago, I was thirty years old.) But Iím also studying English.

Because I had a hard experience in the college. Though I had studied English before leaving Japan , I learned there for my one-week stay that I had had to study more. Many students are studying harder than me. I felt that.

I wanted to talk with you about various things. But I donít know enough vocabulary. Iím sorry that.

From now on , Iím going to study English working in the city office. I donít know how I lead my life. I might marry a nice lady. Or I might prepare to change my work. I want to think my future little by little.

I was glad to meet you. Thank you. I wish you happiness from Japan.

P.S. Sorry to be late for sending E-mail. And then, my writing might be wrong about grammer and spell. Please forgiving me.

From a Taiwanese language student

I am home. I did have a good time in London. Many thanks for your help. if I have chance to go to the UK, I would like to visit you again. Hope you two can have chance to visit me in Taiwan as well.

Keep in touch. All the best. Love,

From a Spanish language student

I hope you have enjoyed your holidays! (It's fantastic the life of tourist, but very short...).

My holidays in London has been incredible, but now I have come back to the stress and to the daily routine. It's terrible!

The last day in London hardly I couldn't say goodbye to you with the all the work of the luggage.

So, it has been a pleasure meet you and share with you those wonderful days. I will never forget them and I thank you your hospitality.

To take pictures has its advantages, you can relive the fantastic moments you have lived (and I watch them very often to remember those moments). I send you our picture together, a very good memory for me.

Thank you very much.

Lots of love.

Letter From a Japanese language student
From a Japanese language student

Letter From a Taiwanese language student
From a Taiwanese language student

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