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What Our Guests Have Said

From a Japanese language student.

Dear my mother and my father.

Two weeks have passed in a twinkling. There were a lot of occurrence in this two weeks. So, I could get good memories. The memories are my great treasures!!

Iím very lucky girl!!

Because my host family are kind and friendly.

Especially mother is a lovely creature and father is wise gentleman and dinner is very delicious.

In England life brought happiness to me.

I enjoyed London and this house.

I like mother, father, Adlera and Takako.

I want to come to England again.

And I want to be good English speaker!!

I donít forget about you.

Thank you very much.

Iím glad that I met you.

From a Taiwanese language student

Thanks again for taking care of me during those two weeks. You family is a very warm one.

I will keep these memories in my mind forever. I am very glad to stay with you at that time.

Happy forever and Good Luck

From a Japanese language student.

How are you? I'm very fine.

I'm going to school every day. I'm studying hard and enjoying my drama club.

These days, I remember you. I want to meet you!

Absolutely, I go to Britain again.

I'm pleasuring to meet you! Please take care of yourself.

I love you!

From a Swiss language student.

I danke you so much, that I could stay in your house these two weeks. My Mother danks also.

Now is one week over, but I wish to stay in London. It was a nice time with you. I hope I can come again. I hope you've got also beautiful weather. In Switzerland we have every day blue sky without clouds.

From an Italian language student.


I'm Monica, the italian girl who stayed with you for two weeks this summer and who couldn't speak English(!!!!!), in fact I'm writing this e-mail thanks to my boyfriend Paolo!

Do you remember me? I didn't forget you, but I didn't write before because I had some troubles with my computer and then I started to attend my lectures again and I've been quite busy.

Fortunately now I'm having a rest for our Christmas vacation and so I take advantage of this situation to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

I hope you're fine; here everything's OK! In a few days I'm leaving for the mountains with some friends of mine to celebrate the New Year's Eve. Have you already moved to your new house?

And if so, do you feel comfortable?

Many wishes again for a merry Christmas and a happy life.


From a Japanese language student.

Hello !!

How are you!

I came back to Japan on 1st September. It's still hot in Japan(>_<)

Thanks to you, my stay in London was such a great days!! And my English skill was greatly improved.

Now I'm enjoying my summer holiday. It will last till the end of september!!

But now I have to cook dinner by myself. I miss your dinner! I will keep in touch with you.

See you.

From an Italian language student.

how are you?

I'm fine. The summer is finished, sigh!

My school is starting 9th September and I haven't do my homework ,yet.

The strawberry jam is absolutely delicious in Italy too!

My family like it very much.

My parents have told me to greet you .

When I think about London I miss you and the city so much!

I've heard that Lucas is coming back to you in November; I can't do this, but I hope that in the future I'll return to England. Thank you again for all.

Bye, bye

with love

From a Japanese language student.

How are you?

I am wanting to thank you for your hospitality during my stay in your house.

I'm very sorry I didn't writte so long time.

Honestely I miss you, your house, your cooking and English.In Japan, I can't find Indian food!

The days that I stayed at London were so lovely. And my friend who lives in glasgow told me that I should come back to Europe, I wish Iwould....

I arrived to Japan at 02 November and now I am looking for the job with my french language. People says that it would be difficult to find the job, but I'll never give up. I saw the news on the T.V that it's very cold in England. So take care of your health.

Do you have any new student in your house, now ?

I am looking forward to hear from you.

See you...

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